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Marc-Antoine Petit is a French artist from Mâcon who recently graduated with a diploma in sculpture at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (Saale).

Petit previously worked as a stonemason in the traditional artisan guild "Les compagnos du devoir" in France and learned the basic techniques of stone carving. After working several years in this profession, he decided to expand his skills and give more freedom to his artistic needs.

While studying, Petit experimented with a wide range of materials and media.  Quickly, he came up with a specific style of his own: in expansive installations he blends painting, sculpture and illustration together and uses them as stage settings for his artistic performances. Therefore, he slips into a costume, that helps him to become part of his own art.

Petit creates all kind of wicked characters in his work: adventurers, crooks and dancers wrestle with exotic animals, alien creatures and suspicious objects. Behind the windows of his abandoned houses and rotten huts made of cardboard and found objects, you can discover other little worlds full of memories, feelings and nostalgie.

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